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Date Match Our Tip Result
27.5.2017 Northcote City - Bendigo City FC
Australia NPL 2 League
Northcote City AH -1 From 1-1
25.5.2017 Nybergsund IL - Kongsvinger
Norway Cup
Kongsvinger AH -0.5
24.5.2017 Rochling Volklingen - Bissingen
Germany Oberliga
Bissigen AH -0.5 From 1-0 X
23.5.2017 Djurgarden U21 - Sirius U21
Sweden U21 League
Over 4.5 Goals X
20.5.2017 Skeid - Grorud
Norway 2nd Division
Skeid AH 0.0,-0.5 X
19.5.2017 Richmond SC - Dandenong Thunder
Australia NPL 2 League
Dabdenong Thunder AH -1 From 1-0
18.5.2017 WAC St Andra II - VST Volkenmarkt
Austria Landsliga
WAC St Andra II AH -1
17.5.2017 Lambton Jaffas - Adamstown Rosebud
Australia FFA Cup
Lambton Jaffas AH -0.5,-1
16.5.2017 Austria Klagenfurt - Lendorf
Austria Cup
Austria Klagenfurt AH -1.25
15.5.2017 Umea FC - Team TG FF
Umea AH 0.0 From 0-2
Umea - Team TG FF X